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Something tells me that the more fuel-efficient Ford models can't get to America soon enough for Ford dealers. The news out today is that FoMoCo's U.S. sales dropped like a Mike Gravel-thrown rock - 34 percent - in September. Truck sales were down 39.5 percent last month (22.3 percent so far in 2008) and car sales fell 19 percent in September (6.3 percent this year). While part of the problem is that Ford's gas-hungry line-up just isn't selling when gas prices are still quite high, the overall e

One of Ford's most important debuts at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show is the new 2009 F-150. While Ford doesn't have a gas-electric hybrid system suitable for big trucks like GM's Two-Mode system, they will have offer some technology to improve fuel economy and emissions. Back in 2002 at the Detroit Show, Ford showed a concept called the F-350 Tonka. The Tonka truck featured a technology called hydraulic-launch-assist (HLA) which will debut on the new F-150.