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Ford has announced a recall of some 33,000 vehicles due to faulty front seat manual reclining mechanisms. The recall affects certain 2010 Ford Fusion, Explorer and Explorer SportTrac models, as well as 2010 Mercury Mountaineer and Milan vehicles. Both the Blue Oval and NHTSA are concerned that during an accident the mechanisms could fail and cause the back of the seat to move toward the rear of the vehicle, resulting in a possible injury.

Anyone who actually wants a Ford Explorer Sport Trac had better go out and grab one now because they won't be around much longer. As production of the the current body-on-frame Explorer winds down in the coming months, the pickup bed version and the rebadged Mercury Mountaineer will breathe their last breath. Sometime in 2010 a new unibody Explorer based on the Flex/Taurus platform will debut and an open bed version will not be part of the lineup.

The current Ford Explorer Sport Trac arrived as a 2007 model, but spy photographers for KGP have just caught a prototype with its front end and back bumper completely covered, suggesting an earlier than expected mid-cycle refresh is in the works... or maybe something else. Peering through the covers we can see a new mesh grille to replace the current Sport Trac's three thin bars. Suprisingly, the headlamps appear to be a carry over, though the front bumper reportedly has been lowered, perhaps to