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Ford's small crossover is going green — again

Ford's small crossover is going green — again.

Ford plug-in hybrid Escape - Click above for high-res image gallery

Following the reveal of the Ford Fusion Hybrid at the Los Angeles Auto show last week, Ford's director of sustainable mobility technology Nancy Gioia spoke with Green Fuels Forecast about a number of topics. Top of the list, of course, was the new hybrid sedan and the fact that Ford has decided not to make its hybrids more visually distinct from conventional cars. The Fusion is just the latest of Ford's hybrid programs, but the most advanced is the plug-in hybrid Escape that Ford is testing with

Ford's test program for the Escape plug-in hybrid is expanding beyond the original partnership with Southern California Edison (SCE). The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) will join the program, setting up a group of utilities in the New York-New Jersey area that will also participate in the test program of the twenty PHEV Escapes that Ford is building. The Escapes will initially be tested in California by SCE after which the fleet will be shared with the EPRI group.