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Cameramen miraculously survive being run over at off-road rally

If you've ever watched footage from a rally, you've probably found yourself screaming, "Don't stand there! Get out of the way!" at the photographers and cameramen who crowd the course only to leap out of harm's way when the vehicle comes roaring by. And with good reason, even if most of the time everyone scurries off before all-wheel-drive disaster strikes.

VIDEO: Audi R8 hits the track

Judging by your comments, we gather you're all sick and tired of manufacturers putting out promo videos of their fancy new sports cars and then drowning out the exhaust note with cheesy euro-trash techno tunes. So just for you, Audi gives us this video of its new R8 supercar on the track, unfettered and uncensored. And it's a beautiful sound to hear.

VIDEO: Hamster dragster crash footage!

As we reported earlier, Richard Hammond was volunteering, if not lobbying from his bedside, for the BBC to show the footage of his 300-mph dragster crash that put him in the hospital and Top Gear on hiatus.