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Foam car to enter Auto X-Prize competition

According to Lon Ballard, designer of the Spira, a three-wheeled floating car made from foam (yes, foam), "The Spira team hopes foam will revolutionize autos and motorcycles like the Crocs and flip-flops have revolutionized shoes and sandals." Whether or not that's a good thing may depend not only on your personal opinion of the polarizing footwear, but also on how well the vehicle is able to live up to its maker's lofty claims.

Auto thieves get stuck on new deterrent

Some of you may remember the sci-fi action flick, Demolition Man, starring Wesley Snipes and Sylvester Stallone. Aside from the laughable script, the movie featured some good action, funny scenes with Dennis Leary, and some cool cars. One of the film's futuristic vehicles even demonstrated an advancement on the airbag idea in the shape of a quickly expanding foam that sealed the occupants inside the vehicle during a crash, thus protecti