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Certain companies in the electric vehicle field generate a lot of flack. LionEV is one example. The last time we wrote about Spark-EV (and the time before) all sorts of accusations flew in our comments section about the reliability of the company's statements and products. There shouldn't be as big of an outcry this time around, as we're just here to report that Spark-EV has announced the discontinuation of one model, the 6000zk 6000/2 (also known as the Flybo) by Spark-EV. Spark-EV's Michael Pa

WJRT, a local news station, did a report about the Chinese Smart electric car clone called FlyBo recently. The WNEM local news report, we told you about earlier said it was not recommended for Winter use. Seems the reason for that warning is the lack of a heater, something that will be added to the 2008 model of the car according to Dave LaTarte of Great Lakes Auto Sales. Dave says Great Lakes is probably the only dealership in the U.S. selling the Flybo right now and he's "getting a lot of resp

For those that can't wait until next January to pick up a Smart ForTwo, Great Lakes Auto Sales of Saginaw, MI will have an option in the next couple of weeks. Unlike the official Smart which only manages to get mileage in the low 40s, the FlyBo plugs in to a regular electrical outlet. The FlyBo has a claimed range of seventy miles and maxes out at 25 mph.

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