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The Yes Men were in the news recently for a hoax that put the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's lame position on climate change under the spotlight. This week, Move On and Plug In America are pushing an online campaign to get Toyota to stop funding the Chamber's anti-climate lobbying. The campaign resulted in a large gallery on Flickr that shows Toyota customers calling on the automaker "to stop opposing clean energy" and asks people to write letters to the editor. Plug In America president Dan Davids

Now and again here at AutoblogGreen, especially on weekends when people have a little bit of time to investigate a site on their own, we’ll take a peek at recent Flickr photos that have a green car technology theme to them. We’ll pick out some of our favorites and give you a chance to nominate your own faves in the comments. Today, we’ll start by looking at some photos tagged as “biodiesel”, of which there are currently 807.