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Five Axis Aerius kit for 2010 Prius now available *UPDATE

Five Axis Edition Toyota Prius – Click above for high-res image gallery

SEMA Wheels: Five Axis introduces Five:AD wheel lineup

Wheels are like shoes for your car (deep, huh?), as they come in a wide variety of colors and styles, plus they are easy to change dependent on your tastes and budget. Unfortunately not every wheel company seems to produce original designs and even if they do it doesn't mean they're pretty. That is where Five Axis fits in. Riding on the success of their Merritt Johnson

Video: Development of the Scion FUSE concept

CNet's Alpha blog pointed us in the direction of this interesting video, describing the design and development of Scion's FUSE concept car unveiled last week in New York. The video, titled "Scion FUSE: An Evolution" was produced by Stuart Waterman