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Tata looking to raise £1 billion to keep Jaguar, Land Rover going

We don't know how many times through the millennia one gentleman has told another, "Be careful with her – she's beautiful, but she's expensive." We would like to know if Alan Mullaly offered that warning to Ratan Tata (above) before the latter bought Jaguar and Land Rover (JLR). As with the Blue Oval before it, Tata Motors is about to throw billions at the English luxury marques and it is looking for help doing it.

Analyst: GM 'In a battle for their life'

According to the Center of Automotive Research (CAR), General Motors is the trauma patient with doctors gathered around the gurney giving their all to save it -- and just outside the ER doors, nurses are holding back concerned parties and shouting "It's better that you don't see!" CAR Chairman Dave Cole says it comes down to revenue, and with GM's $15.5 billion Q2 loss, revenue is down by $10 billion vs. Q2 of 2007.

Chrysler Financial scores $24B line of credit

It's up and down, but nowhere near out for Chrysler, LLC. The Big Three's smallest sibling says that it's ahead of internal estimates and has posted earnings in excess of one billion for the first half of '08. True, the company also posted a $510 million loss in Q1 according to minority shareholder Daimler. And since Chrysler is privately held, it doesn't need to tell anyone whether these

We can't count: GM admits internal accounting is off

If you pay attention to the Business section of the newspaper, then you're no doubt aware of how many public companies have been restating their earnings as of late. You can thank the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 for that, which was passed in the wake of accounting scandals at such companies as Enron, WorldCom and Tyco. General Motors has restated its ear

Mitsubishi to seek compensation from DCX for SMART ForFour cancellation

Following DaimlerChrysler's announcement that it will be stopping production of the SMART ForFour sedan, partner Mitsubishi Motors Corp. has stated it will end production at the company's Netherlands plant as well. The Japanese automaker still plans to manufacturer engines for DCX's SMART two-seaters.

ZAP zips Smart car sales up to a record month

On Tuesday, ZAP, makers of the micro Smart Cars (not to be confused with the smart cars by DaimlerChrysler) posted sales totaling $2.3 million since inception according to the company. Said Steve Schneider, ZAP CEO, "The purpose of this announcement is to let the world know that we are executing on our business plan."