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REPORT: Fiat/Zastava deal may finally bring new Topolino to market

Fiat has a long and storied history in Eastern Europe, though not in the way you might expect. For years, outdated Fiat vehicles were built in mildly modified form in Serbian factories wearing such historic nameplates as Lada and Yugo. As such, it only seemed natural that Fiat would enter into an agreement to purchase Zastava when it went up on the market back in 2008... until, that is, the

Fiat working on new hybrid system for small cars to share with Chrysler

Italian magazine Quattroroute is reporting that Fiat is hard at work on a new hybrid system for smaller cars and it is prepared to share the system with Chrysler. The system could appear in the tiny 500 and the upcoming Topolino paired up with Fiat's new 900cc two cylinder turbocharged engine. The hybrid transmission integrates the electric motor/generator and the system uses lithium ion batteries. Fiat is apparently also designing the system with the intent of adding plug-in capability.

BMW and Fiat working on new small car platform, concept headed to Frankfurt?

We've been hearing rumblings that BMW and Fiat were working together on the development of future small vehicle platforms for a while now. With the German automaker working on an

Fiat plans new brand for low-cost cars

It's been widely reported already that Fiat is working up a new city car that would revive the old Topolino nameplate in Europe. Now it seems that the Italian automaker is considering launching a completely new marque for that city car along with two additional models that would be based on architecture already used in emerging markets such as Brazil. Of course, style-conscious European tastes would ensur

REPORT: Fiat plans Smart, Toyota iQ competitor

Fiat is rumored to be working on an all-new brand to launch small, inexpensive cars into the Western Europe, with two of the three proposed models being based on vehicles from emerging markets. The third is much more interesting. The new supermini, which could revive the Topolino moniker, is expected to get a new twin cylinder engine that could offer as much as 65 mpg when mated to a dual-clutch gearbo

Rendered Speculation: Fiat Topolino

Earlier this month we brought you news of Fiat's acquisition of Zastava and the Italian automaker's plans to use the retooled Serbian plant to produce a new city car reviving the old Topolino nameplate. Auto Express has brought its resources to bear and cooked up a pair of renderings of what form it thinks the new micro-car could take.

Rendered Speculation: 2010 Fiat Topolino

Last year, Fiat launched the tiny new 500 and now the Italian automaker is working an even tinier machine. The diminutive Topolino is due to debut in 2010 at which time it will take on the likes of the SMART ForTwo, Toyota iQ and Volkswagen up!. AutoExpress has produced a rendering of what the Topolino may look like. The new micro is expected to replicate the pattern of the SMART a

Fiat buys Yugo maker, will build new Topolino mini car

During the last few decades of Communism in Eastern Europe, Fiat had several licensing deals with manufacturers in the region to produce obsolete versions of their cars for sale there. Results of these deals included Russian Ladas and perhaps one of the worst imports of all time, the Yugo, built in the former Yugoslavia by Zastava. Yugoslavia no longer exists but Zastava is still around in Serbia producing Fiat-based cars for the Balkan market. Yesterday, Fiat announced its intention to purchas

Fiat confirms two new small cars under development

Fiat has confirmed rumors that it is developing a new low-cost world car. However while earlier reports suggested a single small car was under consideration, a senior company executive revealed that Fiat is actually developing two new models.