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Chrysler in negotiations with Tata, Fiat to help boost bottom line

The key to Chrysler LLC remaining as one of the Detroit automakers could turn out to be the rest of the world. Reuters reports that Chrysler has been chatting up both Tata Motors and Fiat as a means of survival. A deal with Tata might see the evergreen Jeep Wrangler being proffered in India by Tata, as well as the possibility of an electric vehicle partnership. The EV deal might be centered around an electron-motivated version of Tata's Ace, and those talks are running concurrently with whatever

North American gov't leaders court Fiat for Alfa Romeo plant

With Fiat preparing to bring some of its products to the American market, local government leaders have been hard at work courting CEO Sergio Marchionne to produce vehicles in their state or province. Marchionne declared in March that with the weak American dollar, his company would have to strongly consider local production for sales in North America.