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April 2008 was the month when Venturi intended to launch the Fetish, a carbon-fiber EV sportscar which makes the Tesla look like a bargain. Instead of offering the car this month, Venturi has instead announced that they have managed to improve the Fetish engine - which now gets 300 HP and 380 Nm of torque (280 lb-ft) at 92 percent of efficiency - while reducing by 30kg the global weight of the car, down to 950kg. The batteries will be likely produced by France's Saft and will use lithium-ion tec

Although introduced in the Paris Motor Show in 2006, the Venturi Astrolab was spotted again at the EVER Salon in Monaco (Green Cars Autoshow). The concept, which showed an interesting tandem lightweight (only 280 kg!) architecture, was designed to provide the maximum surface available to recharge the car's batteries.