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Ferrari 458 Italia – Click above for high-res image gallery

Ferraris have been known to have the fire inside, and sometimes the coupes like to give their owners a baptism by fire. Literally. The gent in the photo was cruising through Paris in his new 458 Italia when he noticed that the rear fender was on fire. While he bolted from the driver's seat and left the car burning in the middle of the street, a passerby happened to have a fire extinguisher and put the flames to rest before the 458 got an even blacker paint job.

The world will not miss another red Ferrari. Don't misunderstand, watching your car, any car burn to the ground is an awful experience. Not only that, Ferrari is arguably the exotic brand of choice for good reason. Sonorous engines, sumptuous interiors, often handsome (sometimes hideous) styling, ridiculous and thrilling performance capabilities, the list goes on.