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Oh, if we only had an apartment in Maranello overlooking Ferrari's private Fiorano test track. We think we'd get used to the noise of V12 exotics and formula racecars screaming at all hours for the chance to see what the Prancing Horse was working on. This time, an intrepid photographer snapped some shots of a disguised test mule running development laps around the circuit, betraying what could be the anticipated entry-level 2+2 GT the factory's spokespeople have been denying so vehemently.

Ferris Bueller fans will have something to twist and shout about this January as Ferrari's F430-based GT California is expected to debut at the Detroit Auto Show. An astute World Car Fans reader found further evidence to support the suspicion at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office's website. There it was discovered that Ferrari had applied for a trademark patent on the words "Ferrari GT California" back in December of 2006. It was then noticed by the site Motor Authority that the application