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Ferrari trots out past and future at Nürburgring

Retired Ferrari F1 cars take to the Nurburgring – Click above for high-res image gallery

Nixed! Ferrari removes barcode from F1 cars

Following more than a week of controversy regarding its livery, Ferrari has capitulated for this weekend's Spanish Grand Prix. For more than a decade, the Ferrari Formula One team has been sponsored by Marlboro cigarettes. Ever since tobacco sponsorship was banned from F1, however, traditional Marlboro branding h

Ferrari reportedly still pursuing Valentino Rossi for F1

Valentino Rossi, widely acknowledged as the greatest motorcycle racer of all time, may have a second career on something with more than two wheels. As diehard MotoGP and Formula One fans are already aware, the Italian superstar has proven to be just as fast around a race circuit when piloting a Jeremy Korzeniewski

Officially Official: Fernando Alonso signs with Ferrari F1 for three years

In a deal that seems to have been years in the making, Ferrari has finally made an official announcement: Fernando Alonso will be driving for the Prancing Horse in 2010. Rumors of Alonso going to the team from Maranello started back during the Spaniard's

REPORT: Alonso to move to Ferrari for 2010

While not exactly confirmed, it seems that past rumors of a switch for Formula One driver Fernando Alonso from his current partnership with Renault to Ferrari still have legs. In an o

REPORT: Kimi Räikkönen set to retire from F1 after 2009 season

Rumors are heating up that Ferrari Formula One driver Kimi Räikkönen will walk away from the grand prix circus at the end of the 2009 season. If the 2007 World Champion does quit, it would free up his seat for two-time champion Fernando Alonso. You'll recall that there's been talk of Alonso making the jump to Ferrari since well before his single unhappy season at McLaren. However, the circumstances have never quite worked out for him.

Rumormill: Alonso could have switched to Ferrari immediately

Fernando Alonso, who some believe is the best driver in F1, has seen his name in the news a lot these last few days. First, reports popped up that the Spanish racer has signed a (still unsubstantiated) secret deal that would put him in the seat of a Ferrari Formula 1

BMW to Ferrari re: KERS: Sorry 'bout your lack of competitiveness

It must take guts to call out Ferrari, considering that the Italian marque has been a dominant force in both road-going supercars and in race-ready hardware. In fact, Ferrari managed to take home the coveted Constructors' Championship last year, ably defeating BMW, which finished in third position for the year. Regardless, BMW has some harsh words for Ferrari regarding the 2009 season and the use of the KERS energy-recovery hybrid drivetrain.