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Driving Electric shares EV grin 'from driver to driver' to increase sales

For years, Felix Kramer has been driving around in a converted plug-in Toyota Prius with "100+ MPG" plastered on the side. Going about his daily errands, on road trips and in general just using a plug-in vehicle well before most people knew what they were, Kramer learned that when you engage people about electric vehicles, they respond. This is the entire concept behind his new venture, Driving Electric.

Green Drive Expo: CalCars' Felix Kramer ready to go beyond cars

In modern history, it is all too rare that a progressive activist is able to achieve his or her goals (just read A People's History if you doubt this). Felix Kramer – a name that should be familiar to many regular AutoblogGreen readers – is at that stage, though, and he took a moment to celebrate the arrival of actual, OEM production plug-in vehicles at the beginning of his speech at the Green Drive Expo in Richmond, CA this past weekend.

Meet (again) the first three-plug-in vehicle household

While some celebrities (Alyssa Milano) and everyday working folks have plans to buy both a Chevrolet Volt and a Nissan Leaf, our friend Felix Kramer and his wife have done everyone one better by being (as far as we know), the first family with three plug-in vehilces: a Leaf, a Volt and Kramer's long-time converted plug-in Prius. The short version of what this means: "I've felt like we've taken a time machine to the future."

History in the making: long-time electric vehicle advocates finally getting their cars *UPDATE

Whether you've been waiting for ten years or ten days, when you decide to make the switch to an electric vehicle, time can seem to drag by. For years, we've known that the end of 2010 would finally bring us the first example of mass-production plug-in vehicles from major OEMs but that didn't make the wait any easier. With the first deliveries of the first (non-celebrity) Nissan Leaf and the first Chevy Volt sold, that time is finally here. For people like CalCars founder Felix Kramer (pictured,

Amp Electric Vehicles leads plug-in conversion pack with Equinox EV

This is a big week for Amp Electric Vehicles, because the fledgling electric vehicle (EV) conversion company is finally delivering its first Amp'd Equinox to a fleet customer. Amp president Steve Burns told AutoblogGreen that the converted Chevrolet Equinox has been much, much improved since we drove it earlier this year at the New York Auto Show and then again during the Automotive X-Prize. We were able to get behind the wheel in a parking lot course set up at the 2010 Business of Plugging In c

Electric vehicle advocate Paul Scott "intends to be the number one Leaf salesman in the world"

For years, Paul Scott has been promoting electric vehicles (EVs) as a co-founder of Plug-In America, but he'll soon be promoting one EV a bit more than others in his new job as a Nissan Leaf salesman. Yes, after a private lunch with Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn in June and discussions with his local Nissan dealership (Santa Monica Nissan) through the summer, Paul will soon be the go-to guy for anyone who is interested in buying a Leaf in the area. It's sort of poetic that, after years trying to convi

CalCars: President Obama should create "Drive Star," would cut oil use in half by 2020

The ongoing oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico continues to have a tremendous impact on not only the local environment but our national discussion as well. Our friend Felix Kramer, founder of CalCars, was particularly emotionally hit by the mess and is using the opportunity to speak about some of the bigger issues relating to oil use, transportation and terrorism. One example:

A short history of recent plug-in vehicles, courtesy of CalCars

We've been chronicling the world of more efficient vehicles for almost four years now, but we're still the new kind on the block compared to long-time organizations like CalCars and that group's leader, Felix Kramer. At a recent meeting of the Electric Auto Association (of which CalCar is also a chapter) in Palo Alto, CA, Kramer took a look back at what CalCar has accomplished over the last eight years or so and, in doing so, created a slide show of the recent history of the plug-in vehicle move

DC 2010: NAS' li-ion battery cost predictions are too high, battery makers say

During one of the sessions at the Electric Drive Transportation Association meeting here alongside the Washington Auto Show, our friend Felix Kramer from CalCars got an answer to a question that's been on his mind for a while: just how much will large-format lithium-ion batteries cost in five or ten years?

Not gonna let it die: Felix Kramer issues detailed response to anti-plug-in vehicle report

When the Committee on Assessment of Resource Needs for Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technologies put out its report through the National Academies of Science last month – the one that was very critical of plug-in vehicles (PHEVs) – plug-in advocate Felix Kramer issued a quick response that said, in part, that the report's "science and economics need to be refuted." He has since gone and done just that, and his lengthy response is now available on the CalCars website.

Squaring off, again: plug-in advocates respond to anti-PHEV report

Recently, a report came out of the National Academies of Science that declared the costs for plug-in hybrids were "likely to remain high" while the benefits would be "modest for decades." With such a tantalizing bit of contrarianism, how could it not make the pages of the New York Times? The plug-in community responded, pointing out that there were many hydrogen vehicle proponents and oil and gas company people involved in producing the report. It was conducted by the Committee on Assessment of

Is retro-fitting older vehicles the solution to accelerating electrification?

Converted Saturn SC1 EV - click above for high-res image gallery

CalCars: US customers could prepay for plug-in hybrids at $10,000 each

click above image for a high-res gallery of the Ford Escape PHEV