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Obama working to pitch success of auto bailouts to American public

You don't have to be a pollster to know that for the most part, the American public remains none too happy about the federal government handing over the people's hard-earned tax dollars to pull General Motors and Chrysler out of the fires of insolvency. Despite the fact that both companies have managed to keep their lights on, doors open and paychecks flowing due to their generous fed

GM forgoes $2 billion in federal loans it doesn't need

General Motors announced today that it's taking a pass on $2 billion in loans that were previously requested last year for the month of March. The automaker cites "company-wide cost reduction efforts as well as pro-active deferrals of spending previously anticipated in January and February" as the reasons for why it's withdrawing the request for money. GM advised the President's Task Force on the Auto Industry of the development this week and revealed the news today at the bottom of a press rele

VIDEO: Chrysler breaks out the Handycam, makes case for federal aid

Now that the domestic industry is in dire need of cash, the American taxpayer is being bombarded with facts and figures purporting to show just how vital the industry is for the health of the overall economy. Hundreds of thousands of jobs at the automakers, millions more from suppliers and dealers -- the numbers seem to change each time, but they're always substantial. Problem is, it seems only GM and Ford ever get quoted, so Chrysler went ahead and whipped up its own little video. Hit the jump

Senate approves spending bill that includes $25B in auto loans

The U.S. Senate on Saturday passed a continuing resolution that keeps funding federal government operations at current levels for several more months and also includes funding for low interest loans for U.S. automakers. The bill is expected to be signed by president Bush by Tuesday when the current fiscal year and budget expires. Since the Congress has failed again to finish all the appropriations bills for the new fiscal year, an interim spending bill was needed to prevent a government shutdown

VIDEO: McCain ad tries to pander to all sides simultaneously

The John McCain presidential campaign has started running a new TV ad in Michigan that simultaneously tries to pander to everyone. Earlier this year, while campaigning in the primaries, he told voters in Michigan and Ohio that "those (manufacturing) jobs aren't coming back." In that bygone era of six months ago, McCain was opposed to any kind of protection for American businesses f

Ralph Nader opposes $50 billion loan from feds

The Detroit 3 are pushing hard for $50 billion in low interest loans to keep factories running, build new ones and create alternative powertrains. Presidential candidate Barak Obama has already endorsed $50 billion in loans and Republican nominee John McCain has signed on for $25 billion in loans already guaranteed in the 2007 energy bill. If Ralph Nader were elected to office (won't h

Detroit automakers to lobby Congress for $50 billion in loans

What's another $25 billion between friends? That's the argument General Motors, Chrysler and Ford's Congressional lobbyists will be making in the next few months for a $50 billion loan from the federal government.