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We'll have to make sure to rent a Mopar when we're in Detroit for the North American International Auto Show next week. Tribute Restaurant in nearby Farmington Hills is running a special promotion to honor folks who buy American. Food is half off for anyone driving a Chrysler product or who works for Chrysler the week of the show, January 11-17. But don't think the folks at The Tribute are just fans of the Pentastar.

It was late 2005 when Nissan announced it was packing up operations in Southern California and moving to Tennessee. If you didn't choose to move east of the Mississippi, and many didn't, you were looking elsewhere for a new job. Some of the lucky few who dodged the axe worked for Nissan Design America, the North American design team split between sites in Farmington Hills, MI and San Diego, CA. Now, it seems those workers may have lost their immunity, too.