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Introducing the Kestrel from Falcon Motorcycles [w/video]

Falcon Motorcycles Kestrel – Click above to watch the video after the break

DetNews: New Ford Police Interceptor to be Taurus-based

Will the new Police Interceptor be a toughened Taurus SHO? - click above for high-res image gallery

Rendered Speculation: 2008 Ford Falcon Orion XR6

click above image for high-res version

Rendered Speculation: Ford Falcon from Oz

The Australian-market Ford Falcon is one we would like to have on our shores, and may get if Ford wises up and takes a page out of GM's playbook. The Falcon is RWD, comes with turbo V6 engines, V8s, optional El Camino-like truck beds, and it just looks good. Unfortunately, the Falcon has fallen on hard times, with the venerable Falcon falling to third place in sales down-under, behind the Co

Ford Australia investment could spawn next Crown Vic

As we reported earlier today Ford's Australian arm has announced a big investment that includes aid from the Australian government. It will result in the development of an engineering and design "centre of excellence" for the Asia Pacific and Africa region, as well as new product plans that may, just may produce the next Crown Vic in the U.S.

Ford Australia gets government bailout

The Australian government is taking a much softer line than our own administration it seems as Australian prime minister John Howard has just announced that his adminstration will be providing Ford Australia with a boost of $40.4 million (AU$52.5 million) to ensure that the automaker's AU operations stay afloat. The design and production of the next Ford Falcon and Territory, to be built in Australia, take up much of the pot, accounting for $30.8