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If you were watching "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" yesterday (and who wasn't?) then you were witness to some extreme generosity on the part of the Ford Motor Company who gave the featured family a brand new 2010 Fusion hybrid to go with their freshly refurbished house. The automaker's magnanimity didn't end there either. Unlike the years supply of gasoline your father's Ford Company might have given to go along with the car, the Ford of today chose instead to throw in a set of solar panels. O

I wonder just how much money and time has been spent by national organizations promoting flexfuel vehicles - even though we all know that E85 fuel is pretty hard to find. Whatever the calculation, we need to add in the cost of a new F150 crew cab flexible-fuel vehicle (around $36,000) and a year's worth of E85 (around $6,000). This was a bonus prize awarded to the Dirk Devries family in Minnesota, which recently won ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. The local Dave Syverson Ford is providing