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A Switzerland-based company is testing an extended-range plug-in mini-vehicle that it says gets more than 200 miles per gallon and has a single-tank range of more than 300 miles, according to website TechnologicVehicles.com.

Sure enough, someone out there still wants Hummer. According to a report by The Car Connection, Raser Technologies has put multiple bids in for the General Motors Earth-squishing trucks – both before and after the failed bid from China's Sichuan-Tengzhong. Raser Technologies made a name for itself by converting an H3 into a plug-in hybrid not too long ago, and if the company managed to gain control of the future of the Hummer brand, you could bet your biscuits it wouldn't be too long befor

Opel Chief Executive Officer Nick Reilly has unloaded a sweeping new business plan that includes plenty of interesting little tidbits for green car aficionados. Of course we already know about the 2011 Opel/Vauxhall Ampera, the European version of the 2011 Chevrolet Volt, but Reilly says that there will be another extended-range electric vehicle in addition to the Ampera.

2007 Mitsubishi cX concept - click above for a high-res image gallery

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