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It was modern art and motorcars on display in the Car Culture exhibit at the LENTOS Kunstmuseum in Linz, Austria. We say "was" because we missed the exhibit, which was last year, but we've been tipped to a video of some of its offerings, and we wish we had gone.

Automotive designer Sergio Pininfarina passed away in July of this year, but there is every reason to believe that the memory of the vehicles he created will never die. That prediction is bolstered by the fact that he designed more than 100 Ferraris, and that the Ferrari Museum has just put 22 of them on display in Maranello in The Great Ferraris of Sergio Pininfarina Exhibition.

Zap! is currently parading its current models up and down the runway in China. This is somewhat convenient, as all of them (cars, trucks, ATVs, scooters, etc.) are built there. The China International Environmental Protection Exhibition and Conference (CEIPEC) is organized and sponsored by the China Association of Environmental Protection Industry (CAEPI), and it is 30,000 square meters of exhibits from over 200 international companies from 22 countries. So, yeah, that's pretty good publicity fo

A non-profit group is organizing what is claimed to be the first hybrid electric car show this summer, July 22nd, in Madison, Wisconsin. The event is being promoted as a grass-roots effort by a number of hybrid vehicle owners with no ties to the automotive industry. While the traditional car show might be all about showing your hardware and socializing with enthusiasts, this event wants to educate the public about hybrid cars as well - a worthwile cause in our opinion. For the small fee of $25 y

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