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The era of engine-as-art has been over for quite some time, done in by computers, both the ones controlling our cars as well as those used to design them. But if popping the hood today reveals only a giant slab of ugly black plastic – or worse, a tangled mess of wiring and piping that looks like it was assembled by kindergarteners rather than engineers – thankfully there are still plenty of artistes outside the auto industry who appreciate and celebrate the beauty of internal combust


2012 Chevrolet Camaro engine weight savings – Click above to watch the video after the jump

The technology that is being brought to the fore here is one that doesn't really seem green at first glance. The idea is to spray this specialized coating on components such as exhaust manifolds that get hot. The coating can dramatically reduce the temperatures of the component. Upon further examination, however, you start to realize that underhood heat is the enemy of many automotive parts, like the complex electronic components that are built into all modern vehicles. Consider too the very oil

Click on the image for a gallery of high-res images of the EVE Hybrid technology demonstrator.