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Volkswagen not too happy about proposed EU CO2 rules

Volkswagen has issued a statement in response to the European Commission CO2 rules that were published this week. The carmaker called the rules unfair to German manufacturers as it hits them much harder than automakers from other countries. This is a very disingenuous statement on VW's part since all manufacturers have the same rules to deal with. It j

EU CO2 rules will allow carmakers to pool emissions

The bickering over new CO2 emissions limits in Europe may finally be coming to an end. A draft directive could be released as soon as this week that includes a proposal that would allow car-makers to pool their emissions. With the goal of the whole process being to reduce the total fleet average emissions, companies that produce cars that emit more would be able to lump their vehicles in with those that have cleaner fleets. Porsche, whose very thirsty fleet obviously produces much m

European Commission President trying to move CO2 regulations forward

Attempts to implement new mandatory limits on carbon dioxide emissions have been stalled in recent months with French and Italian car-makers supporting tighter rules and German manufacturers looking for leniency. The French and Italians support proposals for an across-the-board fleet average requirement of 120 g/km of CO2 by 2012. The Germans want rules would allow more flexibility for the their larger, higher-powered cars. The European Commission is divided. German Enterprise Commiss

PSA leads the way on CO2 emissions in Europe

If new CO2 emissions limits do get enacted in the EU soon, the French and Italian automakers will be in the best position to meet them soonest. A new study of the largest automakers emissions in 2005 and 2006 showed that PSA/Peugeot-Citroen led the way last year with an average of only 142 g/km for their fleet followed by Fiat and Renault at 144 and 147 respectively. DaimlerChrysler was at the opposite end of the scale actually increasing emissions by 2.8 percent to 188 g/km which mig

Study shows new car CO2 emissions dropping in Europe

While different branches of the European Union government bicker over new carbon dioxide emissions limits for cars, the market and carmakers themselves is making progress on their own. It's slow progress but movement nonetheless. According to analysis by JATO Dynamics, CO2 emissions in the top five markets dropped by 0.3 g/km in through the first seven months of 2007 compared to the same time last year. A volume-weighted average of new cars sold in the period yielded an average of 160.5 g/km for