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EU pushes back vote on stricter emission laws

Because of a new delay, the European Parliament won't decide whether to reject a compromise on vehicle emissions until February.

European parliament scales back CO2 emissions limits

It looks like European automakers are winning their battle against the proposed European Union limits on automotive CO2 emissions. While the European Commission had proposed a limit of 120 g/km for the vehicle fleet by 2012, manufacturers where claiming the limit was too aggressive. The members of parliament apparently agreed, with the Industry and Energy Committee voting 35-21 to slow things down. Instead of having the entire fleet meet the requirement, only 60 percent of vehicles wi

EU considering compromising on emissions requirements

It seems so often the case that proposed regulations start out quite high and are then bartered down when the affected parties complain loud enough. This could again be the case with European Union legislation targeting automobile emissions. When the laws were first being considered, the bar was se

EU and US automakers take different tacks on emissions

Tell me what do you notice right away about these two headlines (from Automotive News/Reuters [subs req'd] today):