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ETV Motors, the company behind the modified Prius with an extended-range microtubrine, believes that the EPA's emerging MPG methodology for plug-in vehicles – the one that allowed GM to proclaim a 230 mpg rating for the Chevy Volt and which Nissan used to say the all-electric Leaf gets 367 mpg – is clear as mud. The system makes it difficult for a consumer to relate to the resulting numbers "in any meaningful way to actual vehicle performance." ETV wrote an open letter that also says

There are companies that burst onto the scene producing not one, but several innovative products and there are companies that promise lots of tech that just sounds too good to be true. Which category ETV Motors falls into is yet to be determined, but their recent demonstration of a proof-of-concept range extended electric vehicle (REEV) utilizing a microturbine for power generation should certainly have folks discussing both possibilities. While they are not the first to use a microturbine as a

An Israeli start-up that launched about a year has just come to our attention with the announcement that it has closed a round of venture funding. ETV Motors has been working on a powertrain for range extended EVs that features a micro-turbine to drive the generator. ETV this week collected $12 million in funding from The Quercus Trust of Newport Beach, California and New York-based 21Ventures.