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The Virginia State Agriculture Department is investigating gas stations that might be selling people bad gas. In this case, "bad" means too much ethanol. While the maximum percentage of ethanol that can be blended with unleaded fuel in that state is 10 percent, some people claim that some stations are selling fuel with excess corn in it. The Department discovered a wide range of ethanol blends in different samples, with one reaching 50 percent. As regular readers know, it's a bad idea to pump th

Forbes cares mostly about money, so if they're going to take a look at green energy companies, their focus will understandibly be on investment possibilities, business plans and the like. Forbes writer Dan Fisher took the lens to Earth Biofuels a few weeks ago, and he's back with the current story "KissyKat and the Magic Diesel" on even more possibly shady alt energy companies. Watch your wallet, investors, there can be crooks in all sectors.