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Last summer, there were rumbles of trouble about using ethanol blends (specifically E10) in marine motors. This year, the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council (EPIC) is trying to get ahead of the trouble curve and has released its "Guidelines for effective performance with a cleaner, greener fuel." EPIC says that all major marine motor makers certify use of E10 and that there are now far fewer issues with the use of E10 on the water.

Trevor Bothwell, writing at Lew Rockwell's Libertarian website, has had it up to here with the government trying to foist ethanol down our gas tanks. As we mentioned this summer, some boaters reported lots of problems when using E10, and Bothwell was one of them. He needed to get the carburetors repaired on his 2005 17-foot Boston Whaler with a 90-horsepower Mercury four-stroke outboard engine. While he admits this particular engine is especially ethanol-unfriendly, he still blames the governmen