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Alt Car Expo: Electrum Spyder electric roadster unveiled. We've got pictures

Today was the big day, the unveiling of the new Electrum Spyder. I'll have a another video with Universal Electric Vehicle personnel soon (yesterday's was such a tease, I know), but for now, why not feast your eyes on these pictures. See the rest after the jump.

Heading to the Santa Monica Alt Cars expo

While I certainly will be working out in Santa Monica this weekend at the Alt Car Expo, I must admit that I'm also going to enjoy a getting out of the Midwest cold for a few days. I known Santa Monica is no Honolulu, but it'll do.

AutoblogGreen for 12.05.06

In order to clear the decks for this weekend's Alt Car Expo in Santa Monica, we wrap up our coverage of the EDTA show in D.C. That silver car up there on the right is the Electrum Spyder, which will be available at the Expo. The Spyder is an all-electric car that doesn't cost as much as a Tesla Roadster, and doesn't quite have the same oomph, either. But I'm still going to try to take a ride in it.

Electrum Spyder to be demoed at Santa Monica Alt Car Expo this weekend

If you're in Santa Monica, California this weekend, check out the AltCar Expo at the Santa Monica Air Center. if you're not, don't worry, as AutoblogGreen will be providing coverage from the show. Universal Electric Vehicle will be holding the world premier of their new Electrum Spyder during the show on Friday December 9. It looks like UEV is aiming this car at people who weren't able to sna