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It's not often that a race car manufacturer gets to celebrate the production of its 1,000th unit, but that's exactly what happened at Radical Sportscars this week. It has taken Radical 13 years to reach this milestone, and the SR2 has accounted for over half that volume. Radicals compete in a wide variety of series worldwide, including four runs in the 24 hours of Le Mans with the LMP2-class SR9 model.

Westfield iRacer – Click above for high-res image gallery

Westfield iRacer - Click above for high-res image gallery

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KleenSpeed Technologies, one of the companies behind the WX10-T all-electric race car has opened up their website to the public to reveal some of what went on behind the scenes as they prepared their prototype, code-named Angelina, for its unveiling. Included on the site are pictures of everything from the electric drivetrain being integrated into the chassis to shots of their new digs, appropriately located at the Ames Research Center in California. One thing we couldn't help but notice behind

The all-electric WX10-T was official unveiled at last week's Performance Racing Industry trade show and now that the initial festivities are done with, we have a bit more information and some pics to share. The West Race Cars and KleenSpeed Technologies collaboration garnered a good bit of interest at the event and we hear some deals should be announced before too long. West had said they were looking for "4 more top flight racing operations" to campaign the cars this year and they may well be o

We were wondering when someone would consider taking advantage of the potential for massive torque and wicked acceleration that a modern electric drivetrain can offer and build some race cars that could also boast some environmental credentials. We wonder no more. West Race Cars and KleenSpeed Technologies Inc. have teamed up and will unveil the first all-electric production race car at the Performance Racing Industry trade show this week. Yeah, we've told you about some other folks with electri

There seems to have been a spate of posts here on ABG lately about electric vehicles running down the quarter mile strip. The Killacycle set a world record, the Tesla Roadster pulled down a respectable time and the Dodge EV prototype showed gave the Hemi-powered Dodge Challenger a go. Heck, we even featured a sweet electric Pinto not so long ago. While that may seem like plenty for most people, we're really enthusiastic about performance cars that don't burn gas (or diesel, for that matter) and

As a reward for its great efforts to unfailingly host a successful Formula 1 Grand Prix in a world class venue year after year, the International Automobile Federation (FIA) has decided to stop bringing its high-horsepower racing show to Montreal. Citizens of this ultra-cool city, who gathered in small cafes by their thousands early Sunday mornings to follow the seasons proceedings, are not impressed. In fact, they're pissed. But instead of rioting in the streets (that's reserved for hockey), so

Mitsubishi may be bringing an electric passenger car to the streets of New Zealand but one of their own is building an electric race car for its tracks. Greenstage revealed to the Kiwi public their vision of an all-electric race car at the recently-held Speed Show and it looks pretty sweet. Using the space-frame chassis of the New Zealand-based Sakar as a starting point, the team put their racer together over the past few months and not only documented the process on a blog but started up their