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Electric A!D, the northern European electric car advocates, have taken a baby blue Think City EV from Norway to Denmark "without any more hassle than if you where to travel with an ICE car." One of the reasons things went smoothly is that the Stena Line ferry service from Oslo, Norway to Frederikshavn, Denmark now offers an electric car charging service on board. Richard and crew were the first to get their vehicle charged during the journey. Recharging a car while it's being carried? Brilliant.

Members of ElectricAid and Norstart, two pro-electric vehicle organizations in Norway, spent the weekend talking to high profile politicians in that country about the country's EV policies. The occasion was the annual Environmental Car Exhibition in Oslo and representatives from the two groups brought along a proposal to help the EV industry, one they wanted to run by the politicians present. The proposal reads, in part:

A few weeks ago, Th!nk discussed plans to enter the U.S. market with the City electric car sometime next year. If you're one of the people who thinks this is a good idea, then the Electric Air social network would like to get to know you. Electric Aid, which is not officially connected to Think in the U.S. or in Norway, has set up a registration page where they hope to collect names for an "interest list" called "Get Me A Th!nk" that will be delivered to Think at a later date. The Chevy Volt has

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