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The creators of this contraption could sure use some lessons in industrial design from Apple, or even the creators of the first generation Zune for that matter. However part of the beauty of this bike is that you can actually modify the design since you build it yourself. Atomic Zombie sells the plans for $14.99 online. You then track down the necessary parts, practice your welding skills and bolt in some batteries. The three-battery design shown has a 62 mile range. You could easily modify the

Let me get this fact off my chest before I write anything else: this thing is flippin' expensive! Alright, now that we're through with that, let's analyze this electric bike, known as Pi. The frame is an aluminum monocoque, meaning that it is a single piece made up of metal which is all a similar thickness. Moving on to the electrics, the batteries are nickel metal hydride, not the better-but-pricier lithium ion. The motor is a 36-volt brushless DC model which produces about 1 horsepower, or 750