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Two Wheels

Think of it as Better Place lite. The Taiwan government and utility companies have plans to help build 60 battery swapping stations for electric motorcycles – and by "electric motorcycles," they mean either electric scooters and/or electric motorcycles – and make 600 of the two-wheelers available to use for free. (Yes, free!) Of course, to take advantage of the situation, one would have to live in either New Taipei City on the north end of the island-country or in Kaohsiung City in t

Charging stations in Barcelona, Spain – Click above to watch video after the jump

Barcelona, Spain has officially launched a program that aims to have 15 electric motorcycle/scooter charging stations with six plug-in points each installed around the city. The stations will offer free charging, at least until 2012, and be managed by Mobecpoint and installed by Iberdola. Mobecpoint's unique system allows electric motorcycle and scooter owners to reserve a plug-in spot via smartphone or Internet and notifies them when their two-wheeler is charged up. To further promote the use o

Smart escooter concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

Honda EV-neo electric scooter – Click above for high-res image gallery

Honda EV-neo electric scooter – Click above for high-res image gallery

A British company called Econogo has released the Yogo scooter, but don't confuse it with the Yugo car. This little scooter has a couple of unique aspects. For example, the Yogo scooter can be charged indoors. How? By removing the 25-pound (!) lithium-iron phosphate battery and taking it to your charging location of choice while your much-loved scooter sits curbside. The simple task of running a cord to the scooter is so last year.

Electric scooters seem to be a segment of the two-wheeled market that's finally ready to heat up. The combination of a practical and comfortable little electric two-wheeler seems to make sense since many scooter riders use their machines mostly in dense urban areas and therefore don't need extensive speed or range.

Who's going car free? The 2012 Olympics in London, a town in Germany, and some people on one day a year. A tiny island off the coast of Taiwan has decided to join the car-free club, at least to shed the gas guzzling kind.

BMW C1-E Concept - Click above for high-res image gallery

BMW C1-E Concept - Click above for high-res image gallery

Based on an advertisement in the latest issue of Scoot! Magazine (via our friends at 2 Stroke Buzz), Wheego is currently working on a new electric scooter that looks to be built atop a vintage-style Lambretta platform. Beyond that, details are decidedly scarce. It's possible that Wheego is working with Scooters India Limited – a company that acquired the rights to build the Italian-designed scooters from Innocenti in the early 1970s – but this is just conjecture.

According to Solo Scooter in Spain, unnamed sources inside BMW are reporting that the Bavarian brand is working up a new electric scooter that could be debuted at an upcoming motorcycle show sometime in late 2010 and put in production in 2011. If these rumors are to be believed, the upcoming machine would use a lithium ion battery pack with enough juice to allow a range of about 155 miles or three hours of continuous use and a top speed of 75 miles per hour. There's no indication at this time wh

Electric Vespa - Click above to watch the video after the break

A company called Auto EV Japan is planning to release a new electric scooter this May in Japan. A number of different versions of the Scarpina will be offered, including models with both 2 and 3 wheels. It appears as if the three-wheeled units use a suspension design very similar to the one that debuted years ago on the Honda Gyro with the twin set of wheels at the rear, not at the front as on newer designs such as the Piaggio MP3.