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Some of you may recall the AirCar that was created a couple of years ago by Milner Motors. Well, to date, the Milner AirCar has yet to reach lift-off velocity and has only managed to roll around on solid ground. Now the Milner team has sliced off most of the wings and is preparing to install a plug-in hybrid power-train to create the ElectriCar. The specs for the ElectriCar list an 11kWh battery which provides energy to a pair of 15hp electric motors which turn the rear wheels. Milner claims the

Recently, I wrote about a TV news report on Project Better Place's first electric car. Le Blog Auto found a video of the report online and you can watch it here. The 10-minute video includes a ride along in the Project Better Place+Renault electric car, a look under the hood and even a short race between the electric car and a gas car (see gallery below). The report also has a photo of Bob Lutz, several popular electric cars (like the Tesla Roadster) and a long interview with Project Better Plac