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Failed a driving exam after his 85th birthday

A man in Michigan is suing the state for age discrimination after he failed a driving test and had his license restricted.

Author Carol-Ann Hamilton walks us through a very delicate conversation

Author Carol-Ann Hamilton walks us through a very difficult conversation: Telling your parents or an elderly relative that they need to stop driving.


It's never pleasant to run across a story of an elderly driver plowing through a group of innocent pedestrians, but here we are. This time 100-year-old Preston Carter lost control of his Cadillac Sedan de Ville, drove up on the sidewalk and injured 11 people across the street from Main Street Elementary School, which had just let out.

Jack Higgs of Penarth, England, is 93. He has been driving for 76 years, and has never gotten a ticket. He never even had a single accident since learning to drive at age 17. That flawless streak came to an end, however, on Monday, when Mr. Higgs totaled two cars and badly damaged a third. Mr. Higgs swears he'll never drive again.