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Pennsylvania Governor Edward Rendell certainly likes to be in the green car news. He's been pushing for increased state hybrid rebates recently, and yesterday he announced the fourteen winners of the Governor's Biofuels Leadership Awards. These awards, given to business and community leaders, are part of Rendell's PennSecurity Fuels Initiative, which will spend $30 million over the next five years to produce and use 900 million gallons annually of clean, domestic fuel (conveniently, this is equi

While federal tax rebates for hybrid cars decreasing and then ending over the next few years, it's good to hear that hybrid rebates could double in Pennsylvania if Gov. Edward Rendell (D) gets his way. According to Reuters, Rendell wants to do a few things with a $260 million windfall (from increased tax revenues), including business and family tax cuts, subsidizing seniors' prescription drugs and doubling hybrid rebates to $1,000. Another green proposal is "a sales-tax holiday for consumers who