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ECD Ovonics, a pioneer in nickel metal hydride battery technology has agreed to license some of their patents to G4 Synergetics. G4 will pay royalties to Ovonics in order to build NiMH batteries consumer applications and potentially also Chinese scooter and bicycle applications. They won't be allowed to make batteries for any automotive or other transport uses.

Stan and Iris Ovshinsky are the often-unheralded pioneers of today's hybrid cars. But the company they started in 1960, ECD Ovonics (at the time called Energy Conversion Devices), was selected by Plenty Magazine - which writes about environmental issues with the slogan "It's Easy Being Green" - as one of the Plenty 20. The companies on this list are the ones that "will change the world" according to the cover blurb, and ECD Ovonics shares space on the list with Tesla Motors, Toyota and more that

ECD Ovonics got a contract to develop another application of their solid hydrogen fuel storage technology. The US Army's Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center gave the company a $1.8 million contract to develop and demonstrate a hydrogen internal combustion engine-powered airport tow tractor. Air quality has always been problematic around airports and cleaning up the the emissions of ground vehicles can only help.