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Forbes: Midwest can, and should, use its own ethanol

It's no secret that the writers at Forbes are not fans of plug-in vehicles. What do they suggest we use instead? Burn ethanol, at least if you live in the Midwest.

In Indiana E85 station subsidies can go to government too!

Indiana may soon get a whole bunch of new E85 outlets, or not. At least station owners inclined to sell E85 will be able to get a helping hand from the state government thanks to newly-passed legislation. The state has set aside $1 million that will be available to filling stations of the retail and government variety in $20,000 increments. That money will help offset the cost of installing E85 capable pumps to fill up some of those flex-fuel vehicles. Unlike most such programs, private operator

General Motors pumping for more E85 in New York State

General Motors has been promoting the installation of E85 fueling pumps all around the country and today they turned up for the opening of the first two ethanol pumps in New York state. Station owner Christian King installed the pumps at his stations in Albany and Warrensburg. GM Vice President of Environment, Energy and Safety Beth Lowery was present for the opening and spoke about the company's commitment to the biofuel. GM has a campaign going to get the two million owners of their flex-fuel

Sixty percent jump in E85 stations in the past year

In the past twelve months the number of E85 stations in the United States has jumped by sixty percent with over 1,200 stations now in operation. That number is expected to continue climbing especially once Underwriters Labs starts certifying ethanol pumping equipment. If you've got an E85-capable vehicle and want to try some out head over to the National

E85 Car Buyer's Guide

If you’re looking forward, and I mean really forward, to a time when ethanol is available at the corner gas station and everyone knows the difference between E85 and E100, then the NEVC has the PDF for you.