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The US Department of Energy lists 91 stations in the state of Ohio that dispense an 85-percent ethanol blend (aka E85). Unfortunately, one unlisted station in the Buckeye State took the biofuel a step further earlier this week. The GetGo station in Brunswick, about 25 miles southwest of Cleveland, accidentally served pure ethanol from its 87-octane tanks. An estimated 500 cars were served the ol' moonshine between Sunday afternoon and Monday morning, the Ohio's Medina Gazette reports.

For next month's Detroit Auto Show, Mazda will be taking the design language from their 2007 concept cars. The wave-like zen garden patterns have now been carried over to a race car concept. The Furai is built on top of a Courage C65 chassis that Mazda formerly ran in the American Le Mans Series. Power for the Furai comes courtesy of a three-rotor Wankel engine tuned to run on E100 ethanol putting out 450hp. The name Furai means "sound of wind" in Japanese and no doubt this car would generate qu

Citibank says that the current low ethanol prices are going to last another six months or so. Until prices do go up, according an article by Robert Pore in the Grand Island Independent, the price of gas at the pump should remain somewhat low, thanks to that 10 percent ethanol blend in most of the gasoline supply in the U.S. Pore spoke with Steven Sorum of the Nebraska Ethanol Board, who said that the current excess ethanol production is what's driving prices down.