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Flex-fuel vehicles, especially trucks and SUVs, are increasingly commonplace in the U.S. market. However, in many (actually most) parts of the country, actually finding ethanol at retail pumps is exceedingly difficult, if not impossible. E-Fuel technology now has a solution that allows users to produce and pump their own ethanol at home or work. The MicroFueler is an all-in-one ethanol production and dispensing system that takes prepared feedstocks in one end and pours out alcohol from the other

Beer. What can't it do? I mean, you can turn leftovers from the production process into ethanol or ethanol or even electricity ethanol. Want to hear something else? You can also turn it into ethanol. No, seriously. That's what the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company and E-Fuel will do following today's announcement of a new agreement between the two companies to use discarded beer yeast to make high-grade ethanol.

When I first read this I thought about my grandfather. He has some vineyards and obtains spirit by the old method of distilling wine, something which is not precisely cheap, known as orujo or grappa. However, making alcohol for cars is different. Using the same principle, albeit at a different level and speed, you can now mix sugar, water and yeast to produce ethanol in your backyard with the 35-gallon capacity MicroFueler, from E-Fuel, a start-up from Silicon Valley.