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Plastic Fantastic: Are composite engines the future?

Florida engineer Matti Holtzberg has spent the last 40 years trying to perfect and implement a way of building useable engine blocks from composite plastics. With the advent of carbon fiber and its subsequent permeation of all things high-performance, Holtzberg decided to apply the technology to his composite engine idea.

Caterham counts far beyond Seven with new SP/300R [w/video]

Caterham SP/300R – Click above for high-res image gallery

Mexico's Mastretta releases a few lines about MXT sports car for Paris

Mexican sports car intender Mastretta has officially announced that it will reveal the production version of its MXT at this month's Paris Motor Show.

MKF? Lincoln to get a version of the Flex?

FoMoCo never chromed out the Freestar and sent it to the Town Car division, but a version of Ford's new large wagon crossover called the Flex is reportedly headed to Lincoln. It would seem at first blush to be a better match for Mercury's product mix, but Ford wants Lincoln to become the volume seller under the L-M umbrella. What will power the Lincoln version is not yet known, but a variety of powertrains have been used in variants of the platform. Ford could snatch the 4.4-lit

UPDATE: Mercury Meta One not happening

We've been wrapped up in our own opinions about Mercury too much around here. So much so, that when we saw shots of Mercury's Meta One mules running around Detroit again, we instantly assumed the project was back on the front burner. Apparently that's not the case. A few of our sources have informed us that the mules running around Detroit right now are the same ones we saw at the beginning of the year before the