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Winding Road picks their 12 favorite autos, including... the Dodge Sprinter?!

When Winding Road picked their 12 favorite cars of 2008, they went out of their way to diversify. Their "Dynamic Dozen" includes vehicles as inexpensive as the $14,000 Honda Fit up to the $114,000 Audi R8, with everything from the Ford Mustang to the Porsche Cayman/Boxster in between. There are some gaping omissions like the Nissan GT-R and perhaps the Pontiac G8 GT, but Winding Road's criteria stipulated that th

Rumormill: Dodge to replace Sprinter will full-size van from Nissan

We've heard through the grapevine that another element of the collaboration between Chrysler LLC and Nissan, in addition to the latter giving the former a small car and the former giving the latter a pickup, is that Chrysler will be ditching its Daimler-sourced Sprinter commercial van in favor of a rebranded Nissan van by 2011. As we already know, Nissan is planning on producing

Chicago '08 Preview: Ford Transit Connect rumored to arrive

click above for more high-res images of the Ford Transit Connect

Dodge unveils new 2007 Sprinter

click on above image to view addition high-res images of the 2007 Dodge Sprinter

Spy Shots: Dodge Sprinter

Allpar.com has posted some great spy shots of the revised Dodge Sprinter. The Mercedes-built van has been a quiet success for DaimlerChrysler in the U.S., and DCX may be looking to expand its place in the market. The passenger version shown in these photos may indicate a new focus for the Sprinter van product, as well. With a little investment, the Sprinter could become an even better people moving tool for organizations like churches, schools, and maybe even some f

VW Crafter Atacama Concept

On our drive back home yesterday, we saw one of those apocalypse-ready Ford Econoline vans tooling along on the freeway and thought to ourselves, "Autoblog needs a mobile command unit." After running it by our budget office and being swiftly laughed out of the building we were forced to come back out of the clouds. Then this shows up and we start salivating again.