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We had already seen the back of the Dodge Breeze, but now we've got a view of the rest. The Breeze is the result of badge engineering a Chery A1 for the South American market. As you can see, this is a small vehicle, especially when compared to the Ford Edge right behind it in the picture. What we don't know is why a Ford Edge is right there, because, according to our source article, the picture was taken at Chrysler's Technical Center. It's not likely that this car will be sold stateside anytim

The initial spawn of the agreement between Chrysler and Chery Motors has made its first tentative appearance. The Dodge Breeze is nothing more than a rebadged version of the Chery A1 but it has apparently turned up on a Chinese forum. The Breeze is not expected to come to the U.S. but will likely be sold in South and Central America. If and when a Chery-built car does make it to the American shores, it will likely be an all-new design developed with Chrysler engineering input.