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On August 2, Chrysler handed over the keys to 14 plug-in hybrid Dodge Ram 1500 to the city of San Francisco as part of a three-year evaluation program. Fourteen also went to Sacramento. The cities will evaluate the vehicles by driving them and regularly reporting all driving and charging experiences with the loaned demonstration vehicles to Chrysler.

Back in early November, when Chrysler had its big business plan meeting, it became clear that most of the plug-in electric drive programs that the company has been promoting since early 2008 were being abandoned. One new test program that was announced was a plug-in hybrid version of the Ram pickup. The PHEV truck will be based on the two-mode hybrid Ram that is launching in 2010.

David Taylor calls this pickup truck the nation's first Dodge Ram plug-in hybrid and he's hoping there will be a second and a third and they'll tell two friends and, well, you get the picture. The award-winning ASE Master technician, in a well-crafted video on YouTube, proudly shows off his handiwork and explains how it works. And proud he should be since the company that originally made his now-hybridized truck won't have their own hybrid on the market until 2010 and even then it won't get the