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For people who took auto shop in high school, replacing the distributor cap and rotor was one of the first mechanical repairs they'll remember.

On newer cars, trucks, and SUVs, the electronic ignition system supplies and controls the operation of the ignition system by depending on a series of sensors and advanced mathematical calculations.

The electronic ignition pickup is located in your ignition distributor.

Ignition distributors are used in gasoline engines to provide a properly timed, high voltage to the spark plugs.

The distributor rotor and cap pass voltage from ignition coils into the engine’s cylinders.

The distributor is part of the ignition system in your vehicle and its purpose is to route high voltage from the ignition coil to the spark plug.

The points and condenser system is normally found on older model vehicles, such as classic cars.

A running engine sends a large amount of electricity through the ignition coils to the rotor, which turns inside the distributor.

Distributors are an ignition system component found on many older cars and trucks.

When your distributor cap or rotor goes bad you could be left stranded and unable to start your vehicle.

The rotor exists to send power from your ignition coil over to your spark plugs – which make sure that your plugs ignite to start the fuel combustion process.

In older cars, a distributor is one of the central parts of the ignition system.

The complicated process of a vehicle's ignition system requires precise timing on the part of the various systems involved.