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Peugeot 207 gets upgraded 1.6L diesel, offers 119 g/km CO2 and 51.1 mpg

Peugeot has just launched an upgrade 1.6-liter diesel inline-four in its 207 and 207 SW models. The new engine replaces the previous HDi 110 models and offers more power and torque with lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The new power unit has a higher pressure (1,650 BAR) common rail injection system supplied by Continental Automotive.

JCB Dieselmax speed record car gets another award

Traditionally, diesel engines have been renowned more for their utility than their outright performance. Last year Audi's efforts at LeMans and in the ALMS with the R10 really began to turn that image around in peoples minds, and that is continuing thanks to the efforts of JCB and Peugeot.

Lifan and Ricardo team up for new family of Chinese car

Yesterday, the Chinese company Chongqing Lifan Industry Group Co. Ltd (known as Lifan) announced that it would use powertrains developed by Ricardo in its upcoming cars. Ricardo's engines for Lifan are going to be in the range of 0.8-2.4 liters displacement, and have new transmissions with technologies such as AMT (automated manual transmission) and DCT (dual clutch transmission). The end result is supposed to be a completely new family of cars for Lifan. Why is this green news?

JCB owner ends pursuit of Jaguar

Sir Anthony Bamford has decided that he's not interested in taking Jaguar off of Ford's hands, at least not if it's bundled Land Rover. The owner of JCB, a construction and agricultural equipment company, who recently captured the title of world's fastest diesel with his 350.092mph DieselMax, announced today that despite John Neff

Aerodynamic JCB Dieselmax broke land speed record without wind tunnel testing

A few weeks ago, the JCB Dieselmax broke the world land-speed record for a diesel-powered car. For good reason, the posts we wrote on the subject (see below) were quite popular, so I know there's going to be at least some interest in the technical news that the Dieselmax was built using Ansys Technology. Ansys has been making simulation software since 1970, and the Dieselmax's aer

Round-up: Detroit's big new diesels for next year

Over the years, the big two-point-five may have lost market share to their overseas counterparts, but one segment that no foreign manufacturer can touch is Detroit's diesel pickup offerings. With that in mind, GM and Ford will announce the power ratings of their newest oil burners during, where else, the Texas State Fair.

JCB does it, again: Now at 350 MPH

You may be tiring of our constant coverage of the JCB DieselMax's pursuit of speed at the Bonneville Salt Flats. While you certainly aren't alone, we still think that an oilburner that can achieve 350 MPH is still news. Plus, t

JCB Dieselmax does it!

Achieves new world land speed record with record two-way run of 328.767 mph

AutoblogGreen for 08.21.06

Very fast. Very old. Very new. That's the short version of the vehicles in the image above. On the left, there's the JCB Dieselmax, which broke the diesel land speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats last week. In the middle, there's a 1918 Detroit electric vehicle for sale on eBay. And on the left, we've got the new motorcycle/car Carver, which already gets 43 mpg and a hybrid/flexible fuel version is on the way. All this and more at AutoblogGreen.

Diesel land speed record

A UK based construction equipment manufacturer will attempt to break the diesel land speed record this summer at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, according to Bruno Vanzieleghem