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REPORT: VW's California studio head Derek Jenkins to move to Mazda design

Derek Jenkins has spent his entire professional design career within the walls of the VolkswagenGroup, first working on the Concept 1 (which became the New Beetle) under J Mays. After having also worked on the Audi A2, the Microbus concept, the GX3 (seen above), as well as the Jonathon Ramsey

Former BMW designer Chris Bangle to open own studio?

For those who have been wondering when and where lightning-rod designer Chris Bangle will surface again, Automotive News has some scuttlebutt for you. According to the industry publication, the controversial BMW stylist has some plans of his own – for a new design studio.

GM making sure Camaro accessories are ready

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Jaguar and Land Rover to build coolest design studio on Earth

Even though Jaguar and Land Rover might only have a foot or so of visibility into the fog of their business futures, they continue to plan for long-term success. The latest step is a $4 million investment in a "virtual reality center" that will create three-dimensional projections for designers and engineers to study, saving the time and expense of having to build individual models.

Audi A2 design focus

With Audi's reputation for beautiful design, it's not surprising that many freelance designers and design students choose Audi as the subject of their design projects. Because of this, Audi wünderboard, Fourtitude, has begun a series of articles "focusing on an independent take on Audi design." Sometimes people outside Audi's design studios come up with an interesting idea or direction that may be different from Audi's internal design language, and this offers a venue to share. For its firs

Honda breaks ground on Acura Design Studio

Honda broke ground on its new Acura Design Studio earlier this week, with the company's execs sliding the first shovels into the ground where the $15 million facility will sit by mid-2007. Located right next to Honda's existing R&D center in