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We're inching ever closer to the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, and automakers are beginning to tease us with the wares they'll have on display in Germany. Ford has announced that the company will show off a new "major new design concept" as well more details of a hopped-up version of the Focus. The reveals will take place on the manufacturer's largest-ever Frankfurt display stand. At 34,444 square-feet indoors, visitors may need their own personal guides to shepherd them through Blue Oval's new pro

Subaru Impreza Design Concept Video – Click above to watch video after the jump

They're going to have to change the name of this thing to NCC-1701, because piloting it will definitely make you feel like you're boldly going where no one's gone before. As part of the Michelin Design Challenge competition, Volvo has revised the design of the the traditional big-rig tractor. Serious thought was given to improving driver safety and some semi-radical changes to convention were made. The driver is front and center in the cab, just like F1 cars. The central seating position gives a

In a similar fashion to the Peugeot Moodif concept, I'm not sure what the relationship between Alexey Bykov's Audi Quattroflex design concept, and the Audi motor company is, but its an interesting idea either way. Like the Moodif, the Quattroflex embraces flexibility by allowing the wheelbase to be extended in order to carry large packages or shortened to allow for easy parking.

I'm not too sure of the actual relationship between Iliya Bridan's squeezy Moodif design concept, and the Peugeot motor company, but its an interesting idea either way. Perhaps Iliya chose to brand his creation as a Peugeot because they're more likely than anyone to make a vehicle with these looks?