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Since late 2006, Denise Gray has been the director of global battery systems engineering at General Motors and one of the key people working to bring the Chevrolet Volt to fruition. Gray has overseen all of the testing and development of batteries going into plug and non-plug versions of GM hybrids and extended-range electric vehicles. Gray has also worked with battery suppliers to evaluate new cell technologies that may be used in production vehicles in the future. We've also spoken with her on

Once again, the internetz are abuzz with rumors and speculation concerning EEStor. This time the hubbub concerns the exact nature of their relationship with General Motors. If you're the last person on the planet who hasn't heard of them, EEStor is a company headquartered in Austin, Texas that claims to have the Holy Grail technology of the electric car industry. Namely, an ultracapacitor that can hold lots more energy than a lithium battery, doesn't degrade over time and will be relatively inex

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