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An amendment has been submitted to the Fiscal Year 2007     Department of Defense authorization bill that would increase the use of alternative fuels in the military. House Democratic Whip Hoyer stresses the fact America is forced to take into account the price of oil when making national security decisions. The Department of Defense is the largest single buyer of fuel in America, and any move towards alternative fuels should have a significant impact. The Department of Defense sh

Earlier this month, a company called O2Diesel Corporation announced it was developing a new type of renewable fuel for the Pentagon. The article, from The Auto Channel, describe this new fuel as a “cleaner burning alternative diesel fuel” and says it will be made up of 20 percent renewable resources (apparently it will be 7.7vol% fuel grade ethanol) and will conveniently include the company’s proprietary solubilizing additive O2D05. The Department of Defense, which is the large